Friday, February 28, 2014

Remembering Rebecca

Rebecca was a most loving companion. She was sweet, brave, made me smile and laugh - most of all
her love was pure. Here's a poem that I have written to her, for her and for myself to remember all
the many endearing things she did. She brought great joy to my life.

Love Gail

Remembering Rebecca

(June 20, 2002 - February 3, 2014)

At seven weeks we meet.
You a moppet -
all white save a slate grey nose,
shining blue sapphire eyes
smallest, shyest of your litter mates
Timid, you crouch beneath the coffee table.

At ten weeks, I see
a fluffy feline batting at a feather toy
coming into your own now.

At fourteen weeks, it’s Thanksgiving
I ‘m already grateful for you little Birman girl
despite meowing the entire trip
from Barrie to the Bluffs
You hate car rides.
Home at last, I set you down
You circle round my living room,
bound into my lap, curling up
“I’ll stay you say,” in kitten body language.

We develop rituals.
Mornings, you greet me,
leap onto the window ledge
lounge as I shower.
When your grow older, you wait on the cotton bath mat
I step gingerly round you
As I sip tea you loll on the sofa beside me
I comb your silken fur
You roll over, not only trusting but
begging for a tummy rub.

Sometimes you vault to your kitty condo to watch birds
Silent as a whisper you steal away to sleep on my duvet.
Like Guys and Doll’s gangster, Skye Madison,
your time is the nighttime
At ten o’clock you come alive, frisky and alert
dash about the duvet, run round the living room
Little Crazy Nut and Boogie
I christen you.

Feisty full of fun
You spring three feet in the air
to tackle toys and ribbons.
You munch on Spider plants mistaking them for cat grass,
sip out of unattended glasses
knock over vases of peonies
to quench your thirst
You relish games of challenge
“Hanger Game” a favourite, paws darting out from beneath your fuzzy fleece
to catch that metal hanger.

You like to lick my juicy apple,
taste yogurt and applesauce on a spoon.
share a shrimp from my pad thai.
Between mouthfuls of Wellness
you hop onto my lap
connection is more important than food
so I stroke your back as you eat.
Your caregivers soon see I am not spoiling you
You’re social - will eat better with affection and room service.

Wonderful companion
I call to you in your tower from my Lazy Boy
“Kitty come up”
You respond with a gentle leap
warm my lap and heart.
As I mute commercials , relax to your calming purr
we watch TV together.

When friends visit
you bound down stairs, sniff an outstretched hand
approve with a head butt or bum twirl
accept a scratch behind the ears or chin chuck.

Sunshine and fresh spring air
Bring out your adventurous nature
you knock your leash on the floor
“Let’s go outside,” you say.
You explore the garden,
stopping to munch new grass
sit and catch the breeze.

When I come home
You hear my car in the drive
gallop down the stairs to greet me
Sometimes so fast your nose at the door as I open it.
After one three week trip to Europe
you wrap your white paws around Alan‘s pant leg and hold on
“Don’t leave me alone, stay and pet me,” you plead
You sense my footsteps,
I know, be cautious opening the door
You leap across luggage straight to my arms
A long flight, I want to wash my hands before I pet you
you follow me to the bathroom
climb onto the toilet,
kitty arms outstretched as I lather
“Please pick me up?” you say
You nestle into my chest, paws around my shoulders
holding on like a child
We snuggle on the couch.
Never have I known such affection.

At the computer
You wait patiently in your circular bed
for so long, then a little meow
as paws reach up my chair
or you pretend to chew cords
jump behind my laptop screen
“My turn now mom, pet me.”

At bed time you race upstairs
Sometimes I want to hold you,
Sometimes journal, read the paper first,
You lightly leap into my lap
“Time to cuddle.”
You’re right of course, I can’t resist.

You lie across my chest and abdomen
slide into the crook of my arm
It’s your baby position
You look up lovingly with
Trust and sweetness.

You like body contact
Nuzzle against my knee and thigh
often use my ankle as a pillow
I awaken to find you sleeping parallel
beside me on the bed, your head on the soft pillow
You bring comfort.

On cold winter mornings you meow at the duvet
I lift it up, you crawl beneath
warm up by my feet.

Innocent beauty
Your life brings joy
Human love less perfect
You love without condition
Always and forever
loved - remembered.

February 2014

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