Wednesday, April 9, 2014


As of today redirects to - and also redirects to as well.

This was really a leftover from the old Toronto Poetry Club (which got deleted), but the domain name still exists (and is registered under the previous president's name).

Long story short, the was redirecting to, a page which did not exist... but as of today it now does, and our Meetup page should now be easier for people to find.

It also means that old links that were advertising have effectively been fixed because they are now linking to the correct location of the Meetup website.

Yada yada yada, a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, it is all fixed.


That is until the domain name registration runs out and we have to register it again. Oh well.


And now we have lost, because the domain name registration has expired. It expired 23-dec-2014, but now is "in holding" should the old president of the poetry club try to renew it.

So we need to wait for it to fully expire before we can register it.

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