Thursday, November 27, 2014

Expecting a Record Turnout at the Toronto Poetry Club

Tonight we are expecting a record turnout for the Toronto Poetry Club meeting. 26 people have signed up for the November 26th Poetry Meetup.

The only meetup that came close to those numbers was the August 28th Poetry Meetup which had 25 people sign up.

When attending these meetings typically only one half or two thirds of people show up. One time I think we had roughly 80% attendance. I think it is an issue wherein sometimes people sign up for poetry meetups and then forget to go the day of, maybe they were sick, had other plans, or sometimes it is just weather conditions (rain or extreme cold tends to scare people away from wanting to go outside and travel to a poetry meetup).

The good news however is that today is not overly cold and the weather is fair. Plus it is November and people often have nothing better to do in November, so I fully expect this meetup to be a bumper crop of poets.

I like to think however that the diehard poets (yippee ki yay m***** ******!) won't be deterred by a little rain (or even a lot of rain).

Come rain, come sleet, come snow - let the poets bring their best to the show.

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