Thursday, January 22, 2015

Killer Economy

We live in an era of fascist capitalism
Stock brokers with killer instincts
Politicians in on the grand Ponzi Scheme
Wars for oil, consumption and waste
An indebted populace enslaved
Capitalists running amok looking for the bottom line
The problem is when people can't pay their debts
They start reneging on their loans and mortgages
And then the economy falls apart
This is a model that can't stand the test of time
We can try and extort wealth from other nations
But wars are expensive and its only profitable on paper
In reality we lose way more in practice
The politicians keep saying wealth will trickle down
But such a hoax will never happen
The system is set up so the rich get richer
The poor get poorer, and the middle class dwindles
Eventually all that will remain is the rich and the poor
The poor will try to rise up, but the police will beat them down
Oh wait, this is already happening
You would have to be blind not to see it
Our materialism has become our own downfall
And death has become a vital part of our economy

Charles Moffat's poetry is also available on Kobo: a dream of unfettered roses

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