Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pokemon and Poetry in High Park at High Noon

Pokemon and Poetry in High Park at High Noon
August 13th, 12 PM
High Park / 285 Colborne Lodge Dr, Toronto, Ontario

Bring your poetry to read and your smartphone.
Stop moaning about all the Pokeballs you've thrown.
Read your poetry whilst chilling in the shade.
Enjoy the free trade of ideas, like how poets are unpaid.
Drink something cold whilst catching yourself a Jigglypuff.
Wonder aloud if you truly have enough of the good stuff.
Laugh at the idiocy of Donald Trump quotes set to rhyme.
Send that cokehead to bed, this here is peacetime.
We will have poets and Pokemon players singing the blues.
In a world gone mad and Americans are asked to choose.
Between a Crooked Jynx and a Lyin' Psycho Hypno.
Bragging about his dough when he is likely high on blow.
So come out to High Park to enjoy rhythm and alliteration.
Catch some Pokemon while America goes down in damnation.

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